How to check whether the LAMP is installed properly or not?

Test Apache:

Open a web browser and enter the address http://localhost/. You should see a web page that says “It Works!”

Test for Apache

Test PHP:

Firstly change the permission of root files and folders. For this Type the following command in terminal

gksudo nautilus

After this it ask you for your system password and then Root-filebrowser dialog box will be open

Root folder opens because we change its permission

Choose File System from left side of the dialog box, then choose open folder var and then www.

Right click in it and create a new file file_name.php  e.g. testing.php

change its permission and  make it executable. open it and type the following command:

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

and then save the file.

Now open my web browser and type http://localhost/file_name.php

Here it is http://localhost/testing.php

You will get the following screen:

PHP is working

Test phpMyadmin:

Open any web browser and type http://localhost/phpmyadmin


Give the username root and type your password.

You will get the following screen:

You are logged in to phpMyadmin

If you find all this, then your LAMP is properly installed.

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