Problem faced by me for phpMyadmin

My problem was that when I installed LAMP step by step and started checking for it, Apache was working, PHP was also working. phpMyadmin was also installed, as i checked it fron synatic manager. But when I write  http://localhost/phpmyadmin It shows Not found. I searched a lot. Then I come to know that it was because my phpmyadmin was in another location /usr/share/phpmyadmin rather then in /var/www/phpmyadmin. So I firstly change the permission of root by typing the following command in terminal:

gksudo nautilus

After this root-filebrowser dialog box opens. I click on the FileSystem>usr>share. I copied the folder phpmyadmin and then go to Filesystem>var>www. In www folder  i pasted the folder of phpmyadmin, then click ok.After that i closed the terminal.

Then I open any web browser and type http:/localhost/phpmyadmin

and i found the following screen:

And the problem was solved…………….:)

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