How to download and apply themes in Drupal?

You can change the theme by using the default themes or by downloading it.

To apply the default themes:

Type http://localhost/drupal in URL of any browser

Go to Adminster> Themes.

Choose any theme from the list by clicking the check box Enabled and Default.

Then click on button  Save Configurations

The theme will be applied.

Now if you want to apply any other theme. Then download any free theme from the site www.

Choose any theme and click on download e.g. Deco.tar downlaod

When it is completely downloaded. right click on it and choose Open Containing a Folder.

Choose those folder and copy it.

Now create any folder on the desktop e.g. Drupal site. In it again create a folder e.g. Theme . Now Paste that copied folder in it. Right click on that folder and choose Extract here. now in addition to zip folder, You will be having a simple folder of that name.

Now go to Terminal and type gksudo nautilus

Root dialog box will be displayed . Go to Filesystem>var>www>Drupal>Themes.

Now go to Drupal site folder on the desktop. Choose theme folder then choose that downloaded simple folder, copy it and paste in FileSystem>var>www>Drupal>Themes

Again go to http://localhost/drupal, Administer>themes.

The newly downloaded theme will be present in it. choose that theme and click on save configurations.

You are done with applying the Theme……:-)

For further Help, Have a look on the video from whom I was guided.

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One Response to How to download and apply themes in Drupal?

  1. Ayesha says:

    Nice post Priyanka. I was actually making a video on changing Drupal versions and needed some thoughts on how drupal videos are made and landed here searching for the same.

    Any resources you use to make videos? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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