Installation Of Sagemath


Download binary version of sage from any sagesite. It would be like a tar folder sage_11.04_release.tar.lzma

2. Copy the compressed folder into home.

3. Extract it.

4. Copy the sage file( a shell script named sage in extracted sage folder) and place it into /usr/local/bin

5. Uncomment SAGE_ROOT variable in sage script and give its value  as: /home/username/sage i.e the path where sage folder is present.

6. Open terminal and type , sage and you will get a sage prompt sage:

The sage installation is complete. In order to plot graphs in sagemath , you have to install imagemagick by the command:

sudo apt-get install imagemagick

You will be requiring libgfortran also. For this:

Download it from:


Extract .rpm package:
$rpm2cpio filename.rpm|cpio -idmv

And place the extracted folfer in /sage/local/lib

Thats all.

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