How to use LDAP connector of BonitaSoft?

My basic requirement for LDAP was to fetch the data of logged in user from LDAP server instead of getting it from the user. To use LDAP connector, follow the following steps:

1. First connect to LDAP Server.


2. Specify the attributes that you want to fetch from LDAP Server. I have chosen Common Name (cn) and Email-Id (mail).

3. The most important step is to get out the data from the predefined variable of bonita. Here ldapAttributeList is list of lists type variable, containing data like [[cn=Priyanka,]]. So it need to extract the data very carefully.

Here is the code that I used:

import org.bonitasoft.connectors.ldap.*
//def list = []
for (i in ldapAttributeList) {
  for (j in i) {
    if (j.getName() == "cn" ) {
return applicant_name

Here applicant_name is the global variable used in Bonita process with data type ‘text’. Return line is important, without it you will get empty list.

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