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Program of Array of Pointers and Pointer to Array

Program is: #include<stdio.h> char *c[]={“ENTNG”,”NST”,”AMAZI”,”FIRBE”}; char **cp[]={c+3,c+2,c+1,c}; char ***cpp=cp; void main() { printf(“%s”,**++cpp); printf(“%s”,*–*++cpp+3); printf(“%s”,*cpp[-2]+3); printf(“%s”,cpp[-1][-1]+1); } Its answer is given AMAZINGBEST Note:= Dont mingle array of pointers with Pointer to an array. cpp+2 and cpp-2 are used as Second … Continue reading

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Static Webpage V/S Dynamic Webpage

Static Webpage: That does not changes. Dynamic Webpage: That can be changed. This is half answer, So question arises Static Webpage can be changed from that HTML file. Then how will you justify your answer? Static Webpage: Can’t be changed … Continue reading

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