How to delete SQLite Database from adb command line of Android?

1) Change to directory, platform-tools.

In my case, its

cd Music/adt-bundle-linux-x86-20140321/sdk/platform-tools/

List all items in it.


It will show you adb executable file also.Give the following command.

adb shell

Your command prompt will change to

root@generic:/ #

Change to the directory /data/data

root@generic:/ # cd /data/data
root@generic:/data/data # ls

You can see above the list of all android packages. Change to that package whose database you want to delete.

cd com.example.enoticeapp

You can see databases entry. Change to databases and list it. It will show you all databases of your app.

cd databases

Remove the database by giving the command:

rm enoticeapp

And you are done!



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